My name is Daniel Clark and I’ve been in the refrigeration industry since 1999. I’m a little different than most people in our industry, who one way or another ‘fell’ into the field. I, sad as it may sound, actually made a conscious decision to become a refrigeration engineer, because its a topic thats always really interested me.

Growing up on my parents farm where we had various large pieces of refrigeration equipment, I was always interested and intrigued on how it all worked – all that heat where did it come from? Hot pipes, cold pipes, big fans, compressors and gasses it was all a bit of a black art. On a farm, there was always something to fix and take apart, but fridge kit was different – it was specialised and nobody really knew how it worked; it certainly couldn’t be fixed (like most things) by the local agricultural mechanics Dick & Ted – aka Sledge Hammer & Blow Tourch.

I’m really looking forward to posting regularly to this blog, I have plenty of ideas for what I hope are interesting and informative topics about Refrigeration technology, the industry and best practice.

The day came where the family farm was sold up and I was left contemplating a way to earn a living, when my father said, “Looking at these bills son, I’d get into the refrigeration game” and so the journey began. The School of Refrigeration in Grimsby UK became my home for the next three years. There were definitely more exciting and fashionable towns to choose further education, but I did have a memorable time, met some great people and gained a brilliant foundation for my career. Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics were the subjects of my choice and I like to think that I excelled at them. Within two years of graduating I was senior design engineer at a large and well established contracting company and turning regular job offers down.

I’m passionate about great integrated refrigeration solutions, that work well, are as efficient and clean as possible.

Daniel Clark


In 2004 I foundered Hamilton-Clark Ltd, a refrigeration design & management company and we quickly gained some very impressive accounts. We earned the trust of our clients and have been able to deliver some highly innovative and successful schemes which we as a team believe, are industry leading, and they have certainly attracted a lot of positive attention.

In 2008 I became very interested in a new natural refrigerant technology which employs Carbon Dioxide as a refrigerant gas. We were certainly an early adopter of this technology.  This enabled our clients to install highly sustainable, energy efficient systems that have provided a safe long term solution, unaffected by the endless scrutiny and regulations which synthetic refrigerants attract.

Over the years I have developed a huge enthusiasm for what I do, combined with the knowledge and experience that I have gained, I am able to lead companies towards sustainable, effective and tailored refrigeration solutions that go on to protect their business for years to come.